Ensuring safety and quality


SterilParma stems from our specialisation in the high-pressure processing

HPP Technology is the best choice for guaranteeing longer life-shelf, product quality and food safety. High-Pressure processing ensures higher taste qualities while increasing food safety without the addition of artificial preservatives.

HPP technology added values: • Longer shelf life • Absence of pathogens (as listeria or salmonella), • Refrigeration chain not required (outside fridge storage) • Suitable for export in non-EU countries as USA, Canada and Japan

How it works

Innovative technology

The high-pressure processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurisation technique where products, already sealed and packed, are submitted to an elevated level of hydrostatic pressure (300–600 MPa / 43.500-87.000 psi).
SterilParma’s HPP is natural, environment-friendly processing that respects the ingredients, leaving the fresh food’s characteristic unaltered in taste and nutrients.

International market access

HPP meets the market requirements of Japan, Canada and the USA, making products suitable for exporting in major abroad countries. Made in Italy products are increasingly requested, as the USA currently represents the biggest extra-EU market for Italian products.

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